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Frequently’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I create multiple FAQ sites for various projects?

    As of right now, you can only create and manage one FAQ site with your Frequently account.

    A future feature of the premium plan will include the ability additional FAQ sites to cover each of your projects or companies within the same easy to use dashboard.

  • Why do I need a FAQ page?

    An FAQ page is an important tool that should be used to keep your customers/users/visitors informed and up to date. Creating and managing a FAQ page with Frequently will help limit the need for hands-on customer support, saving you time and money.

    Our "Was this helpful?" buttons are a great way to measure how useful your FAQ is to your users as well as how comfortably they are with your service in general. If you are consistently getting not helpful votes on a question, it may be a great time to revisit the question at hand in order to fully help your customers.

  • What are Tags?

    Tags are an easy way to categorize your FAQs. You can add as many tags to an answer as you want to allow your users to filter for the information they are trying to find.

    Look below this answer to see the tags "Tags" and "Tagging" used to describe this FAQ.

  • What do the "Was this helpful?" buttons do?

    The "Was this helpful?" buttons are a great way to gauge how helpful your FAQ page is to your customers or users.

    If your questions begin appearing in "Least Helpful" on the Dashboard, you should consider revisiting them. This indicates that your users aren't finding exactly what they were looking for when clicking that question.

    These insights will make it easier for you to keep your users informed and happy. 🎉

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