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Frequently’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Frequently?

    Frequently is the easiest way for you to set up a FAQ page for your project or company.

    We are going back to the basics to help you create and manage your projects FAQ pages – easily and affordably.

    What Frequently isn’t:

    • AI powered
    • Feature bloated
    • Confusing pricing based on seats, conversations, etc.
    • A venture-backed company desperately needing to squeeze every penny out of you to return a profit to investors

    What Frequently is:

    • The easiest way to set up and manage FAQ pages for your side projects or companies
    • 100% free to get started; no credit card required
    • A small side project with hopes of making FAQ pages as simple and useful as they should be
  • Why do I need a FAQ page?

    An FAQ page is an important tool that should be used to keep your customers/users/visitors informed and up to date. Creating and managing a FAQ page with Frequently will help limit the need for hands-on customer support, saving you time and money.

    Our "Was this helpful?" buttons are a great way to measure how useful your FAQ is to your users as well as how comfortably they are with your service in general. If you are consistently getting not helpful votes on a question, it may be a great time to revisit the question at hand in order to fully help your customers.