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Frequently’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Question and Answers can I have in my FAQ?

    You can include up to 14 Questions and Answers in your free Frequently FAQ.

    If you want/need unlimited Q/As you can upgrade to a premium account for just $10/month!

  • How do I host a Frequently FAQ on my own domain?

    1. From your Dashboard (frequently.io/dashboard), click Site Settings

    2. Scroll down to the Custom Domain field and enter your domain name, without the protocol or any slashes, e.g. example.com, not http://example.com

    3. Hit Save Changes and go back to Site Settings as in Step 1

    4. You'll now see a yellow bar with a CNAME in it — enter this value in your domain's DNS manager

    5. You'll now be able to access your Frequently FAQ using your custom domain name


    Need help? We're just an email away at ryan@frequently.io

  • What are Tags?

    Tags are an easy way to categorize your FAQs. You can add as many tags to an answer as you want to allow your users to filter for the information they are trying to find.

    Look below this answer to see the tags "Tags" and "Tagging" used to describe this FAQ.

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