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Frequently’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I host a Frequently FAQ on my own domain?

    Yes! If you upgrade your account for $10/month you can host a Frequently FAQ on your own domain.

    A Pro Account also lets you attach your Google Analytics!

  • What do the "Was this helpful?" buttons do?

    The "Was this helpful?" buttons are a great way to gauge how helpful your FAQ page is to your customers or users.

    If your questions begin appearing in "Least Helpful" on the Dashboard, you should consider revisiting them. This indicates that your users aren't finding exactly what they were looking for when clicking that question.

    These insights will make it easier for you to keep your users informed and happy. ๐ŸŽ‰

  • How much does Frequently cost?

    Frequently is 100% free to use. Add and edit questions, track helpful answers, edit unhelpful answers, and add your company's branding for free.

    If you want to attach your custom domain and Google analytics, upgrade your account for $10/month.

  • What is Frequently?

    Frequently is the easiest way for you to set up a FAQ page for your project or company.

    We are going back to the basics to help you create and manage your projects FAQ pages โ€“ easily and affordably.

    What Frequently isnโ€™t:

    • AI powered
    • Feature bloated
    • Confusing pricing based on seats, conversations, etc.
    • A venture-backed company desperately needing to squeeze every penny out of you to return a profit to investors

    What Frequently is:

    • The easiest way to set up and manage FAQ pages for your side projects or companies
    • 100% free to get started; no credit card required
    • A small side project with hopes of making FAQ pages as simple and useful as they should be
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